Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A pint at The Voltaggio Brother's Book Release Party

Ok... So being that the staff pouring the beer at Harry Grove Stadium has sooo much knowledge about the beers they are pouring, there was not a whole heck of a lot of info of what exactly I was drinking tonight. I do know the first was yuengling, followed quickly by a Sam Adams Octoberfest, not a bad pint, but I found it a little weak in body and finish. Obviously it was better than bud, bud light, etc.... but not up to my standards.
So when I went to the next beer "tent" they had Brewers Alley Taps, but I had an IPA that did not taste typical Brewers IPA...I think it was Flying Dog, full body with a strong finish. Not there is anything wrong with Brewers IPA - I love it and drink a fair amount at Isabellas and Brewers Alley, I just like the Flying Dog IPA better. As I have said before - atmosphere has a lot to do with it, great night at The Voltaggio Brother's Book Release Party....There was a lot of great music, and food and kickball.... For those of you there great party - for those of you that missed it - great party!!!!

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